Custom Metalwork, Architectural Steel Furniture and Fittings

We want to add class to your home, office, or commercial décor with our trendy, sometimes quirky, furniture, abstract art, and commercial and residential fittings made from steel.


Steel By Design offer a full range of steel furniture that is both stylish and durable so you get the best of both worlds.

You can design your own furniture or let our design team create it for you.

Examples of steel furniture include:

  • steel tables – coffee tables or larger tables
  • steel coat stands
  • steel planter boxes – which look great if left to weather outside
  • steel desks
  • steel cabinets
  • steel wine racks
  • steel bookcases and shelving
  • in fact, we can create almost anything out of almost any metal


We can create a steel focal point for your home to give it that rugged industrial look or a shiny, clean look. If you are renovating your home or have an idea for a feature that could be made from steel, give our team a call.

Examples of home interior architectural steel work include:

  • steel bathroom vanity units
  • steel kitchen units
  • steel cabinets
  • steel cupboards
  • steel rubbish bins
  • steel wine racks
  • steel mirror frames
  • in fact, if it can be made from metal, chances are, we can do it


Steel is durable making it perfect for commercial premises and factory premises. It can also be trendy and contemporary looking making it perfect for cafés, bars, and restaurants.

Examples of commercial and factory work include:

  • full factory fit-outs and shop fitting
  • steel work benches and work stations
  • steel cupboards and shelving
  • steel stairs and handrails
  • steel rubbish bins and containers
  • steel cabinetry
  • clean work surfaces

Examples of café, bar and restaurant work include:

  • steel bar and counter tops
  • steel bar and counter fronts
  • steel kick rails and bar leaners
  • steel storage racks and cabinets
  • steel wall features
  • in fact, with metal, we can make your place stand out from the rest


Quirky, fashionable and stylish; bespoke steel artwork can become an admired feature on the wall of any home, commercial building, café or bar. Or perhaps you are thinking of a free-standing metal sculpture or ornamental piece.

Let your imagination run wild. All you need is an idea for your custom steel feature. We can draw it up, design it, create it, deliver it and install it. Or you can choose from one of our original designs.

Examples of steel abstract art work include:

  • steel wall hangings
  • steel feature walls
  • steel ornamental pieces
  • steel sculptures
  • steel mirror frames
  • steel lightshades
  • in fact, the more original the better, we love a challenge


Our steel work can be finished in any coating, whether it’s painting or powder coating.

The majority of work is finished with clear powder coating to retain that the look of new steel. Alternatively, it can be left to weather, a look many people prefer for outdoor steel furniture and steel planter boxes.

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